20 Best Free Angular Templates For Admin Dashboard

We come the best free Angular templates for your admin dashboard to build CRMs, project management tools, and other data-related applications.

Are you searching for free Angular templates to elevate your admin dashboard? This post will help you to discover the perfect template to tailor your project needs.

Angular is a powerful framework for rapidly building modern admin templates and dashboards. It provides a comprehensive list of graphs, sections, and animated elements to help you quickly develop a professional admin dashboard. The templates provide a professional menu navigation system, beautiful sidebar, top menu bar, and elegantly designed user profiles, notifications, email integration, and other admin dashboard information.

The Angular admin dashboard templates provide a wide range of sections and elements for organizing and displaying user information and admin data. They provide a comprehensive toolkit of graphs, including graphs, bar charts, and pie charts, to present information concisely and insightfully.

Additionally, these free Angular templates offer unparalleled customization options, allowing you to tailor the color scheme to light, dark, or any other color according to your preferences. They are also fully responsive, ensuring seamless compatibility with various devices and resolutions, including desktops, tablets, and PCs.

20 Best Free Angular Templates For Admin Dashboard

Top 20 Best Free Angular Templates

Following are the best angular templates to build stunning admin dashboards.


NGX Admin is a feature-rich admin template, that comes with a modern and refreshing design. The menu bar of this template offers a range of elements to display, including a user profile icon, email integration, notification bell, and more. Unlike the other free Angular templates, it is built on the Angular 9+ framework which offers a comprehensive dashboard solution for admin applications. 

NGX Admin - feature-rich Angular free admin template

Material Dashboard Angular

Material Dashboard Angular is a feature-rich admin template that can be used to rapidly develop admin dashboards with minimal time and effort. It offers a wide range of essential components, including a navigation menu, various chart types such as bar chart and line chart, and tab navigation. With its responsive design and user-friendly interface, this template provides an ideal solution for building efficient and effective admin dashboards.

Material Dashboard - free Angular template

Angular Material Admin Template

The Angular Material Dashboard is a sleek, modern, and clean admin template. It comes with a top navigation menu that includes a user profile avatar, notification bell, and search box icons. This template also encompasses a wide range of visualizations, including charts, graphs, and diagrams to present data concisely and beautifully. It provides all the essential elements necessary for building a comprehensive and intuitive admin panel.

Angular Material Admin Template

Mash Able

Mash Able is a powerful and versatile admin template built with a powerful angular framework. This template comes with a sleek and modern layout design that will help you quickly adapt to its files and development environment. Moreover, it offers an extensive collection of UI elements, charts, graphs, icons, counter, and interactive data presentation features which enables developers to quickly create custom dashboards, data applications, and other projects tailored to their specific needs. 

Mash able - free Angular template

Paper Dashboard Angular

Paper is a multipurpose template that is built with the powerful Angular framework. It offers a powerful solution for building professional admin dashboards containing lots of sections and areas. Moreover, the template includes a variety of visual elements, such as graphs, diagrams, and lists, to display user data, email subscriptions, tasks, and other essential admin data. It provides essential tools for creating comprehensive and user-friendly admin interfaces.

Paper dashbaord Admin Template

Next Angular

Next Angular is a modern, futuristic, and innovative template for building cutting-edge admin dashboards. The template has a modern color scheme with a beautiful left sidebar with having toggle navigation menu. Moreover, it has various layout components such as campaign monitor, daily visitors, and user’s information which you can easily tailor according to your needs.

Next angular free admin dashboard template

MDB Angular Template

MDB Angular is one of the best free angular templates with visually stunning and minimal design. It is packed with the best features including a professional navigation system, sales tracking, an animated counter, and more. This template comes with lots of useful sections, including statistics counter, graphs, sales comparisons, and pie charts, providing a robust foundation for building intuitive applications. With its cross-browser compatibility and responsive design, MDB Angular seamlessly adapts to various media devices and resolutions.

MDB - free Angular template

Now UI Dashboard Angular

Now UI is a cutting-edge admin template that comes with a sleek and intuitive UI/UX design interface. This template includes a diverse range of graph and diagram sections to effectively display user information which makes it an ideal choice for building modern and user-friendly administrative dashboards.

Now UI Dashboard Angular

Gradient Able

Gradient Able is a modern, minimal, and sleek template that offers a unique and captivating data visualization experience. This template has a striking color scheme and modern typography that create a stunning visual experience across all devices. Moreover, it is fully responsive and can fit perfectly in all media resolutions. 

Gradiant able free angular dashboard layout

Nuxt Black Dashboard

Nuxt is a sleek and minimal dark-themed admin dashboard template, built on the Angular framework to create stunning applications. The template creates a visually striking interface with multiple color palettes harmoniously complementing the dark skin. Nuxt offers an extensive range of data visualization options, including line graphs, charts, diagrams, and lists. 

Nuxt Black Dashboard

Guru Able Angular

Guru Able is a modern-looking admin dashboard template that comes with a responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, and a minimal look. This template offers all the customizations and personalizations to make it according to your taste. 

Guru able angular

Flat Able

Flat Able is a cutting-edge Angular admin dashboard template, that comes with minimal and modern design ideas. With its fully structured and organized sections, the template helps to create an impressive and feature-rich admin interface. It can efficiently arrange and display admin and user data logically and intuitively. Lastly, the template offers a modern UI/UX experience, and a range of useful features, including statistics count, project showcase, charts, and graphs to make the administrative dashboard fast. 

Flat able - angular admin template


Berry is a flat design modern-looking admin template to create stunning data-driven applications. This template comes with lots of features including a colorful design, a wide range of pre-built components, flexible layouts, and a responsive design. Moreover, with its modern UI elements, charts, and graphs, this template helps developers quickly create custom admin dashboards to build a CRM, project management tool, or other data-driven application. 

Berry - free Angular admin dashboard template

Core UI Angular Admin Template

The Core UI is a free angular admin template built with the robust technologies of Angular and Bootstrap. This template offers a professional admin layout with a visually appealing design. It boasts striking color combinations in the sidebar and main admin area, creating a modern and sleek interface. The sidebar of the template has a robust navigation system with accordion-style menus and additional components including a user profile section and notification messages. 

Core UI Angular Admin Template

SB Admin Angular

SB Admin Angular is a beautiful admin template built with the powerful technologies of Bootstrap and Angular frameworks. This template comes with a range of useful tools, including example pages, interactive graphs and charts, toggle navigation, and a flexbox layout structure. Moreover, it is an open-source template that offers a powerful development environment to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. 

SB Admin Angular dashbaord

Able Pro

Able Pro is one of the best free Angular templates that come with a lightweight but powerful framework. This template is a great tool to build a CRM project or other data-related applications. It comes with useful components and elements such as icons, charts, graphs, and interactive data visualization tools for building complex administrative layouts.

Able pro free admin template

Datta Able

Datta Able is a minimal and robust solution for building modern admin dashboards. This template comes with a wide range of pre-built components, layouts, and flexible tools to help the user quickly make complex CRM or project management applications tailored to their specific needs. Moreover, it comes with a responsive layout design that ensures a seamless user experience across various devices and screen sizes including, tablets, PCs, laptops and other media resolutions. 

Datta able angular template for creating admin dashboard

ArchitectUI Angular

ArchitectUI Angular is a powerful tool for building admin dashboards. It comes with a clean and minimal layout design and a range of features that make it perfect for all sorts of admin layouts. This template comes with lots of useful elements, pages, and interactive graphs to help you quickly build an admin application project. It has lots of features including a toggle sidebar menu, user profile statistics counter, etc. 

ArchitectUI Angular

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular is a multipurpose and feature-rich template to jump-start your project. Unlike other free Angular templates, it will enable developers to quickly customize and extend functionality to save time and effort. This template provides a reliable starting point for creating intuitive and user-friendly admin layout interfaces to build a CRM, CMS, or other data-driven applications. 

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular

Mantis Angular 18

Mantis Angular 18 admin template is a modern, cutting-edge, and feature-rich template for creating administrative dashboards. It comes with an elegant layout design comprising both a sidebar and a content section. The sidebar area allows the user to show a toggle navigation menu and the content section allows the showcase of graphs, charts, and counters to present information visually.   

Mantis Angular 18 admin template

In conclusion, the free Angular templates offer the best layouts for building sleek and modern admin dashboards. These templates ease the development process by providing a wide range of pre-built sections and elements that are carefully crafted to meet your project needs. By leveraging the strengths of Bootstrap, JavaScript, and other coding standards, Angular admin templates enable developers to create powerful admin dashboards with ease.